Sunday, July 12, 2009

Benefit of Meal Replacement Shakes

They are conveniently packaged in powder form and can be mixed into an easy-to-drink shake in a matter of minutes.
  • Meal replacements are very low in simple sugars.
  • Meal replacement product like meal replacement shakes helps to suppress hunger and thus prevent the temptation to snack on "empty calorie" foods that are high in fat and sugar. However, the majority of people find it difficult to adhere to this rigid schedule.
  • People who don't eat nutritious whole foods could also benefit by substituting a meal replacement shake for a typical high-fat, high-calorie meal.
  • At a cost of less than two dollars per serving, they are, without question, a cost-effective way to get a quick meal.
  • They are a healthful, well-conceived food source that provides a convenient, cost-effective way to supplement your diet. They can be a very attractive nutritional option with wide ranging applications.
Word of Caution:
  • There is a prevailing misconception that they have powerful, steroid-like effects and will miraculously transform you into a muscular Adonis. However, despite the hype, muscular size can only be increased through intense anaerobic exercise. Although they can help in the muscle building process when combined with a dedicated weight-training regimen, simply adding meal replacement to your diet will have no effect on building larger muscles!
  • since the protein is animal-based in nature, these products would be inappropriate to those on a strict vegan diet, but not apply to meal replacement bars
  • Their overuse can lead to a disparity in dietary ratios as well as a deficiency in vital nutrients.
  • Moreover, when consumed in excess, the high protein content can sometimes be damaging to your system, potentially leading to kidney ailments and other maladies
  • In final analysis, while meal replacements are not a panacea, they certainly can play a role in your nutritional scheme.
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