Saturday, August 8, 2009

Disadvantages of Meal Replacement Diets Programs

Meal replacement diets programs for one are becoming a fashion now, with more avid clients in the United States and other European countries. These programs are the most popular weight loss ads and somehow have motivated many desperate large and vain people to go into this diet. One very distinct type of diet is the meal replacement shakes where instead of taking a regular meal (meaning solid food), you will prepare a "shake" dish. Each small sachet consists of powdered milk solids fortified with some vitamins and minerals, and calcium caseinate and finally are mixed with water.

This type of program may be classified as Very Low Calorie Diet or VLCD which provides a daily calorie of only 400 to 800 unlike 800-1200 calories per day from the Low Calorie Meal Replacement Diets. Researches show rather that LCD is easier to maintain and produce a better result than the practice of VLCD. The weight loss in VLCD in its first few weeks is evidently successful but in long term practice of this diet the person may suffer from extreme discomforts side effects.

Those who practice this type of meal replacement diets will immediately attain that weight loss they have been dreaming about. Although a low calorie intake can heighten the side effects such as cold intolerance, hair loss, dry skin, dizziness and fatigue. On the other hand, some studies claims that there are markers of improvements in cardiovascular diseases wherein glucose levels, triglycerides and LDL cholesterol are lowered. These markers evidently benefit the obese people gradually as they start losing weight.

Most of the people today may have tried once in their life to diet and lose weight. Some may have sought the advice of a professional, a dietitian, or even a gym instructor before they started to diet. Staring a meal program is much more different than a simple diet plan or exercise and eating less everyday. This program has disadvantages that you should be aware of to avoid health problems and diseases.

Disadvantages of Meal Replacements Diets Programs:

1.Health problems and discomforts such as fluid imbalance, dry mouth and skin, headache, impaired range of motion (orthostatic hypotension), body malaise, hair loss, irregular menstruation and cold intolerance. For severe cases, it will trigger psychosis, gall bladder disease and gout.

2.It can affect the behavioral patterns of a person due to body system imbalances. This usually occurs to those who are extremely obese and placed themselves into this diet to attain self-esteem. So much so that if they fail and see bad results from the program goes into mental breakdown.

3.Unhealthy dieting and shifting to effortless way of dieting. The effortless manner of the diet makes people lazy in choosing the right food to actually use for the program.

4.Intake of calories are jeopardize instead the diet is motivated by just loosing weight so to look skinny.

Looking good in the mirror seem to have enticed many people. Every angle should create a sight to behold and envied, they want to look outrageously beautiful. The skinnier the better but are you prepared for the side effects of this vanity?

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